TFT MTK Module Download Direct Unlock Repair Service No.1 GSM Tool V5.0.1


TFT MTK Module V5.0.1 Free Download Direct Unlock Repair Service No.1 GSM Tool
March 10, 2022

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TFT MTK Module V5.0.1 is free MTK Base Tool Support Multi-Brand Devices like Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, VIVO, Tecno, Huawei, Nokia, LG etc.
It is allowed you to remove the FRP Remove, Unlock / Relock Bootloader, Remove User Pin lock, Huawei ID remove, Oppo/ Vivo Demo remove etc.

TFT MTK Module

VERY EASY to use and functional program with clear interface and All repairing just need USB connection.
What’s new?

  • [MTK] Supported chipsets to Direct Operations.
  • [MTK] Added new supported models (Reset FRP – Reset ScreenLock – Dump -):
    Supported all MTK Android Phone Set. Even last chip MT6580 or MTK X10 6753 6752 6595 6795…
    (old CPU set like MTK 6575 6577 6572 6571 was supported also)

Setup password : TFT

TFT MTK Module V5.0.1 Free Download Direct Unlock Repair Service No.1 GSM Tool:

Unlock Pattern Lock, Bypass FRP, Flashing, Unlocking, Remove Pin locks, etc.

TFT MTK Module ver 5.0.1

Direct Operation
1.Direct Reset FRP (Boot Mode)
2.Direct Factory Reset + FRP Reset (Boot Mode)
3.Direct Unlock Bootloder (Boot Mode)
4.Direct Relocking Bootloder (Boot Mode)
5.Direct Factory Reset (Boot Mode)
6.Direct Bypass Auth (Boot Mode)

Unlock Operation

⦁Security | Brom
1.Reset Protection FRP (Samsung)
2.Reset KG (Samsung)
3.Reset MDM (Samsung)
4.Backup IMEI (Samsung)
5.Restore IMEI (Samsung)
6.Factory Reset / FRP Reset (Samsung)
7.Read RPMB (Samsung)

1.Reset Protection (FRP)
2.Reset FRP (Erase Method)
3.Factory Reset / Format Userdata
4.Factory Reset / FRP Reset
1.Remove MiAccount (Erase Method)
2.Reset Mi Account / FRP (New Method)
⦁Huawei Remove Huawei ID
1.Remove Password Keep data (New Method)
2.Remove Password Keep data
3.Reset PassCode Keep Data Mth1
4.Reset PassCode Keep Data Mth2
⦁Services | Brom
1.Realme / Oppo / Vivo Fix Unknow Baseband
2.Permenently Unlock
3.Reset NV Data
4.Unlock Bootloder
5.Relocking Bootloder
6.Auth Bypass
7.NVRAM Erase (Zero)
8.Disable Verity / Realme
9.Fix Unknow Baseband (Need BackupIMEI)
⦁Extra | Brom
1.Remove For Demo Vivo
2.Remove For Demo Oppo
3.Remove For Demo Realme
4.Fix Dl Not Complete Realme C2
5.Fix Dl Not Complete Realme C3
6.Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo A1k
7.Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo A15
8.Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo F11
9.Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo F11 Pro
10.Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo F9
11.Fix Dl Not Complete Oppo F7
⦁Backup | Brom
1.Backup Nvdata / Nvram
2.Oppo Custom Backup
3.NVRAM Backup
4.NVRAM Restore
5.Backup OEM Huawei
6.Restore OEM Huawei
7.Read Dump Preloader
8.Read Dump build.prop
9.Backup Boot / Vbmeta
10.Restore Boot / Vbmeta
11.Read Dump Boot


1.Bypass FRP ( MTP )
2.Reset FRP (Erase Method) (ADB)
3.Erase FRP ( Fastboot )
4.Remove Lock Screen (Delete SystemUI) ( ADB )
5.Remove MiAccount (Erase Method) ( ADB )
6.Xiaomi Anti-Relock ( ADB )
7.Unlock Screen Lock (ADB)
8.Reset PassCode (ADB)
9.Reset Oppo ID ( ADB )
10.Remove Huawei ID (ADB)
11.Factory Reset / Wipe Data ( ADB )
⦁Read Info (ADB)
⦁Read Info ( Fastboot )
⦁Read info ( MTP )
⦁Reset Mi Account ( TWRP )
⦁Reset Micloud ( Fastboot )
⦁Enable Diag (ADB/Root)
⦁Wipe Data /Cache (Fastboot)
⦁Disabling Sony Xperia Protect (ADB)
⦁Vivo service system exeption (ADB)
⦁Add Arabic SAM/HTC/SONY/ETC..
⦁Enable Mobile Data ( ADB )
⦁Repair IMEI
⦁Generate IMEI
⦁Restore IMEI
⦁Restoring Orgenal Imei
⦁Fix IMEI Null Baseband Unknow
⦁Read Nv Data
⦁Reset EFS
⦁FIX Wifi Forget
⦁Fix Wifi Run
⦁Patch Certificate


Version Size Requirements Date
7.0.0 71.0M - 13/07/2022
V6.2.0 240M - 04/04/2022
V5.0.6 240M - 21/03/2022
V5.0.6 240M - 21/03/2022

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