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Phone board is a small application for windows computer created by PhoneBoard GSM Team, which allows you to see the phone board of almost all the Smartphone and Tablets in the World including devices powered by Android and iOS.
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August 27 2021

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Phoneboard v1.9.0 Latest version The Phoneboard is a alternative to apps like ZXW, Wuxinji etc. But Phoneboard is completely free. Make it easy to fix your phone and tablet. (Iphone, Ipad) PCB Diagram / Schematic, Free Version Download..

Features Phoneboard:

iPhone 6 820-3486-A
C1271 misspelled as R1271_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
C5217_RF misspelled as R5217. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
C5212_RF misspelled as R5212. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
C5208_RF misspelled as R5208_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
L5123_RF misspelled as C5123_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
C5211-RF misspelled as L5211_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
R5131_RF misspelled as R51316_RF. Reported by Ruuben Vuolasranta.
U5201_RF misspelled as U5301_RF.
U1703 misspelled as J1703.
R5317_RF misspelled as R5217_RF. Reported by @vladwpf.
R5319_RF misspelled as R5218_RF. Reported by @vladwpf.
R5318_RF misspelled as R5218_RF. Reported by @vladwpf.
R5316_RF misspelled as R5216_RF. Reported by @vladwpf.
R2405 misspelled as R2403. Reported by @vladwpf.

iPhone 6 Plus 820-3675-A
C0721-2 is named as C0721-1.
C5411_RF-1 Wrong shape.
C5411_RF-2 Wrong shape.
U5411_RF Ball sizes aren’t uniform.
Net BATTERY_SWI misspelled as BAATTERY_SWI. Reported by @berrytechnics
Net AP_TO_TIGRIS_SWI misspelled as AAP_TO_TIGRIS_SWI. Reported by @berrytechnics
IC U2201 misspelled as C2201.
iPhone 6S Plus 820-00040-A
UTRIP_RF Pins 3, 4, 8, 9 shapes are rounded and must be square.
U_VOX_RF Pins 1, 4-8, 13, 16-22, 26 shapes are rounded and must be square.
F5202_RF misspelled as FL5202_RF
F5202_RF Pins 4, 5, 6 shapes are rounded and must be square.
iPhone 7 820-00188-08 Qualcomm
SE2LDO_RF misspelled as SE2LD0_RF.

macOS Add Menu.
Add IC Mark in iPhone 6 820-3486-A
Add IC Mark in iPhone 6 Plus 820-3675-A
Add IC Mark in iPhone 6S 820-5507-A
Add IC Mark in iPhone 6S Plus.
Add IC Mark in iPhone 7 820-00188-08

Credits: The Phoneboard Diagram is created and distributed by the Xiaomi Diagram Tool Manufacturer. Therefore, full credit goes on to developer to share the tool for free.

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