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Smart Phone IMEI Repair Tool 2021 | Modem Meta IMEI Repair Tool 10.2044.0.02 Latest | Maumeta MTK IMEI Repair Tool 2021
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December 15, 2021

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Smart Phone IMEI Repair Tool 2021 | Modem Meta IMEI Repair Tool 10.2044.0.02 Latest | Maumeta MTK IMEI Repair Tool 2021

Supported MediaTek Chipsets

Modem Meta Tool – Features:

  • Flash IMEI: The Modem Meta tool allows us to flash and fix IMEI on MediaTek smartphones, tablets, and feature phones. You can restore your IMEI on your phone by following some easy steps.
  • Backup & Restore IMEI: Along with flashing the IMEI, the tool also lets us take the backup of the existing IMEI so that we can restore IMEI later when required. This feature is also available in the Maui Meta tool.
  • Simple and Easy: The tool comes with a clean UI that makes Modem Meta better than Maui Meta. It is simple to use, and we can get familiar with it in no time.
  • Support MediaTek Phones: Modem Meta tool supports smartphones, tablets, feature phones running on MediaTek chipset. And if you have a phone with another chipset, then it’s not suggested to use this tool.

How to Use Modem Meta Tool to Write IMEI :

  • First, install MediaTek driver on your computer along with your phone driver.
  • Download the Firmware for your phone and extract it on your PC. Find the NVRAM file or DB file whose name starting with MTXXXX, and its size will also be less. The file will be used later in this guide.
  • Now open the Modem Meta Tool on your phone.
  • In the tool, select Smartphone under platform type. And under port, make sure USB is selected.Modem Meta Tool
  • After selecting Smartphone & USB, click on Connect on below right corner.Modem Meta Tool
  • Turn off your phone and connect to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Now the ModemMeta tool will detect your device. It can take some time, so wait for it.
  • When the device is connected, the tool will show it on the below left corner.
  • On your tool, click on Load DB. Locate and select the NVRAM file or DB file and click on Open.
  • Now click on the search bar and select IMEI Download from the drop down menu.
  • Now enter the IMEI details (you can find it on your phone box or inside of your phone at the back.
  • After entering the IMEI detail, click on the Write button. You can import it in case if you have a backup.
  • After writing the IMEI, it will show ‘write IMEI to target successfully.
  • That’s it, now disconnect and restart your phone with working IMEI.
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